Despite offering a great feeling, furnishing your first apartments in san antonio tx may turn out to be an awe-inspiring process.

For every single detail in your apartment, there will be a large number of alternatives available to you even for a petty thing like a towel. Adding to this, your budget might become a restraining factor altogether.

If you have a set budget, it is important for you to know what you have to buy as this will assist you in allocating your expenses accurately. It will also help you in getting what you need instead of beating about the bush and wasting your money on useless household items. Proper allocation will let you use your remaining budget on things that will transform your apartment into a home. So, find below a list of articles that should be on your priority list when you furnish your apartment.


In the absence of a sofa, no one can call your living room a comfy place to spend time. So, make sure that you buy one for yourself. Do not splurge on an expensive couch as it may be out of your budget capacity. Instead, go for a futon. Despite the fact that they are not as comfortable and neither durable, you will still have something to offer to your guests to sit and relax.


A cozy “bed” should be the first item on your priority list. This is something where you will spend the biggest portion of time when you are home. Be sure to choose a good, high-quality mattress that will give you a good sleep. Also, see that the bed is durable enough to run for several years. Now, for the bed frame, a basic structure will do, however if you want to get something more fancy, you can with a little extra cost. Although decorative frame is not a necessity, it will make your home more customized.

Beddings and Comforters

With beds, do not forget to chip in some amount of your budget for the purchase of down comforter and duvet. This is of significance particularly if you are living in a cool region. A good quality comforter would be the best since it will last for long. As your taste alters, you can choose to purchase new duvets rather than a whole new quilt.

Coffee Table

Usually, apartments do not have a room meant for a full dining table set. If this is the case with you too, then a reasonably-sized coffee table might become the sole eating area available to you in your apartment. Don’t spend too much on this. Try to get cheaper prices for this one item as it will always be fragile no matter how expensive it is.

Extension Cords

Sadly, most of us forget this very necessary item while shopping for apartment furnishing items. Buy several extension cords, especially if you own a Television and other electronic gadgets as it is for sure that you will be using all of them at some point in time.

Renting an apartment comes with its set of pros and cons. While a lot of things get easier for you, the biggest disadvantage of renting an apartment in San Antonio TX comes to the limelight when you want to customize your apartment but restrictions are placed upon you by the landlord. Usually, owners do not allow their tenants to change a single thing, even if they are provided with the assurance that the apartment will return to its former glory when required. The issue means that not many ways are available to you when it comes to customizing your rented place in San Antonio. You should not have to be pissed off about it because given below are a few ways to do some customizations in your rented home.

Creative Photos

Start by making a plain wall in your apartment more attractive. You can do so by putting up framed photos on it. And not just simple pictures, try hanging up fun images in a number of different ways. If you are looking for a more cost-effective way, then a photo collage will be the best option for you. You may put the pictures to the wall by quickly using the wall safe adhesive or tape. Do not worry because the adhesive tape does not rip the paint off your wall, and you won’t piss off your landlord.  Now we understand that this may become boring for you. Using a bunch of photos, may be of different sizes like 4×6 or 5×7 pictures in order to form a photo grid on your wall may be an excellent way. One other alternative available to you is sorting the pictures on the basis of their color. You will end up having many rows, with each one representing a unique hue. Never mind how you do it, if you have any organization in what you do, you shall be able to check that it makes a significant difference.

Vinyl Wall Stickers

If you have a landlord who gets pissed off with you painting the wall, then vinyl stickers are the best option for you. They are very tiny that they will look like you painted them. What’s more, when removed from the wall, you will find these stickers to be residue-free. You will always be able to select from a plenty of great designs, and they are much easier to apply as compared to paint.

Door Wallpaper

Wallpapering the wall? Not a good idea, especially when your place in rented. Wallpapers are known to leave residues. For this reason, avoid using them on walls. However, putting on wallpaper may not be as bad an idea as it seems. That’s because when you do so, it is possible for you to cover a limited portion and adhere it with the same wall-safe tape or adhesive as discussed earlier. If you find you door boringly, then this might be the nicest way to have your door customized for an attractive look.

Search for an apartment in San Antonio TX might be troublesome. While you may not be able to rid entirely of the legwork, you can make the process simpler and easier by following the below mentioned tips. Use these suggestions to help yourself become more organized in your search, act smart in the matter and stay more focused in every step of your search.

  1. Narrow down your search. Choose a favorite neighborhood and be smart in your choice. Your choice maybe more than one but should not exceed three in number. Always consider factors such as charming community people and vibrant shops along with other important things for example transportation facilities and commodities’ prices. When you narrow down your search, it becomes much easier to streamline the procedure and may help you in visiting several open houses in one go.

If you are new in San Antonio, then probably the best way is to walk around the neighborhood and spend some time exploring.

  1. Realize what’s important.While you search for an apartment, you should know what things are most important to you. At the top of your priority list, it should be your “budget”. Identify two more things that are of significance for you. It may be natural light, wash-dry facility in the area, distance to work or school, etc. If the identification of such things becomes hard, you can list down all the things that are of significance and then prioritize.
  2. Keep track of listings with a corresponding checklist. If you hit multiple open houses in one morning, it is likely that they begin to run together. In this case, it is advisable to sort out the relevant information neatly on one checklist. It is very much recommended as an important and applied advice if you can secure a snap of each place you visit with every note.
  3. Keep the information handy:Prior to hitting an open house, ensure that you are ready for filling up application paperwork, plunk down a deposit or sign a lease. Keep with you all the information that you may be asked to fill out in a typical request for rent for example contact information, employer address, previous landlord’s details, etc.

It is also recommendable that you always keep a copy of your credit report handy. There are landlords who like to run their check. Having it with you can offer some assurance to the potential owner.

  1. Identify Potential costs.Make sure that you know of all that you could be taking on potentially. Other than the rental amount, remember to ask the fundamental questions whenever you hit a new place in San Antonio TX. A few such questions to be considered are as follows:
  • Which (if any) utilities are included in the apartment?
  • Would you need extra hook up cables? Are they where you want them?
  • Are window treatments included or not?

Is parking or other building amenities available for an extra fee?

While hunting for an apartment in San Antonio TX is stressful, apartment living in the area isn’t always easy too. Things may get a little unpredictable depending on a number of factors such as troublesome neighborhood, tight spaces, and bad-tempered landlords, etc.

Nevertheless, using the right tricks can make your apartment living worthwhile. Here is what you need to do for enhancing your apartment living:

Search for a perfect place

Finding a nice, cozy apartment is probably the first step to good apartment living. Although it will require some extra hard work because you will need a good amount of research and patience, you will surely be able to find a suitable apartment as per your expectations. It is recommendable that you create a checklist containing the points that you need to consider while hunting for an apartment.

Develop a healthy Relations with the Landlord

You must realize that it’s not just the apartment that matters. You need to consider the landlord as well. Problems can be avoided if you document everything and get every matter in writing. It is critical to know all the rights that you have as a tenant. Living in San Antonio, you won’t encounter too many problems if you are smart enough. However, if anything happens, ensure that your landlord is held answerable.

Negotiate on Costs

If your landlord doesn’t have a bunch of tenants competing for an apartment, he/she will definitely be ready on negotiating the price with you. Be intelligent enough to negotiate on costs such as parking or pet keeping charges instead of the actual cost. The case can turn out to be the most effective way to save on rent. Summer usually comes with a lot of competition; this is why it is suggestible to move in during the winters. Research studies prove that the best time to search is the morning time at the beginning of November.

Erase Roommates’ Troubles

An entirely new set of things is available to you especially if you are living with your roommates. For instance, you will be required to divide your expenditures proportionately. Sharing living spaces may also be needed in such conditions. Having a conversation and setting ground rules can be useful for you. Of course, if your roommate is a horrible one, you can always use other means to “evict” them.

Utilize your space well

You must have heard this phrase more than a hundred times. Yes, saving space wisely is one of the most helpful ways ever to make your apartment living calm and relaxed. It makes sense, isn’t it? An apartment in San Antonio can become an unusually tight fit. Act smart, and you will see how you can save space with inexpensive household products, such as hooks, bed risers, and storage racks. Keep a simple rule in mind: wisely utilize vertical spaces if horizontal space is not available, particularly where it’s easily out of sight.